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Packages that use Named
org.odata4j.core Core odata4j concepts. 
org.odata4j.edm Implementation of the EDM (Entity Data Model) - used as metadata in the OData protocol. 

Uses of Named in org.odata4j.core

Subinterfaces of Named in org.odata4j.core
 interface NamedValue<T>
          A strongly-typed named value.
 interface NamespacedAnnotation<T>
          An annotation (typed name-value pair) that lives in a namespace.
 interface OFunctionParameter
          An immutable service operation parameter, consisting of a name, a strongly-typed value, and an edm-type.
 interface OProperty<T>
          An immutable OData property instance, consisting of a name, a strongly-typed value, and an edm-type.

Classes in org.odata4j.core that implement Named
 class GenericAnnotation<T>
          Generic implementation of NamespacedAnnotation.

Methods in org.odata4j.core with type parameters of type Named
<T extends Named>
Func1<T,String><T> namedType)
<T extends Named>
OPredicates.nameEquals(Class<T> namedType, String name)

Uses of Named in org.odata4j.edm

Classes in org.odata4j.edm that implement Named
 class EdmAnnotation<T>
          Base annotation in the edm type system.
 class EdmAnnotationAttribute
          A CSDL Annotation attribute.
 class EdmAnnotationElement<T>
          A CSDL Annotation element.
static class EdmAssociation.Builder
          Mutable builder for EdmAssociation objects.
 class EdmComplexType
          A CSDL ComplexType element.
 class EdmEntitySet
          A CSDL EntitySet element.
static class EdmEntitySet.Builder
          Mutable builder for EdmEntitySet objects.
 class EdmEntityType
          A CSDL EntityType element.
static class EdmEntityType.Builder
          Mutable builder for EdmEntityType objects.
 class EdmNavigationProperty
          A CSDL NavigationProperty element.
static class EdmNavigationProperty.Builder
          Mutable builder for EdmNavigationProperty objects.
 class EdmProperty
          A CSDL Property element.
static class EdmProperty.Builder
          Mutable builder for EdmProperty objects.
 class EdmPropertyBase
          Shared base class for EdmProperty and EdmNavigationProperty
static class EdmPropertyBase.Builder<T,TBuilder>
          Mutable builder for EdmPropertyBase objects.
 class EdmStructuralType
          In the Entity Data Model (EDM), structural types are EDM types that have members.