Class EdmEntitySet

  extended by org.odata4j.edm.EdmItem
      extended by org.odata4j.edm.EdmEntitySet
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class EdmEntitySet
extends EdmItem
implements Named

A CSDL EntitySet element.

The EntitySet element in conceptual schema definition language is a logical container for instances of an entity type and instances of any type that is derived from that entity type. The relationship between an entity type and an entity set is analogous to the relationship between a row and a table in a relational database. Like a row, an entity type defines a set of related data, and, like a table, an entity set contains instances of that definition. An entity set provides a construct for grouping entity type instances so that they can be mapped to related data structures in a data source.

More than one entity set for a particular entity type may be defined.

See Also:
[msdn] EntitySet Element (CSDL)

Nested Class Summary
static class EdmEntitySet.Builder
          Mutable builder for EdmEntitySet objects.
Method Summary
 String getName()
          The name of the entity set.
 EdmEntityType getType()
          The entity type for which the entity set contains instances.
static EdmEntitySet.Builder newBuilder()
 String toString()
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Method Detail


public String getName()
The name of the entity set.

Specified by:
getName in interface Named
the name


public EdmEntityType getType()
The entity type for which the entity set contains instances.


public static EdmEntitySet.Builder newBuilder()


public String toString()
toString in class Object