Package org.odata4j.edm

Implementation of the EDM (Entity Data Model) - used as metadata in the OData protocol.


Interface Summary
EdmDataServicesProvider Source for service metadata.
EdmDecorator Application specific EDM customizations such as Documentation and Annotations.
EdmGenerator An object that knows how to produce an EdmDataServices model in the context of an EdmDecorator.

Class Summary
EdmAnnotation<T> Base annotation in the edm type system.
EdmAnnotationAttribute A CSDL Annotation attribute.
EdmAnnotationElement<T> A CSDL Annotation element.
EdmAssociation A CSDL Association element.
EdmAssociation.Builder Mutable builder for EdmAssociation objects.
EdmAssociationEnd A CSDL End element (as a child of the Association element)
EdmAssociationEnd.Builder Mutable builder for EdmAssociationEnd objects.
EdmAssociationSet A CSDL AnnotationSet element.
EdmAssociationSet.Builder Mutable builder for EdmAssociationSet objects.
EdmAssociationSetEnd A CSDL End element (as a child of the AssociationSet element)
EdmAssociationSetEnd.Builder Mutable builder for EdmAssociationEnd objects.
EdmCollectionType A CSDL CollectionType element.
EdmCollectionType.Builder Mutable builder for EdmCollectionType objects.
EdmComplexType A CSDL ComplexType element.
EdmComplexType.Builder Mutable builder for EdmComplexType objects.
EdmDataServices The <edmx:DataServices> element contains the service metadata of a Data Service.
EdmDataServices.Builder Mutable builder for EdmDataServices objects.
EdmDocumentation A CSDL Documentation element.
EdmEntityContainer A CSDL EntityContainer element.
EdmEntityContainer.Builder Mutable builder for EdmEntityContainer objects.
EdmEntitySet A CSDL EntitySet element.
EdmEntitySet.Builder Mutable builder for EdmEntitySet objects.
EdmEntityType A CSDL EntityType element.
EdmEntityType.Builder Mutable builder for EdmEntityType objects.
EdmFunctionImport A CSDL FunctionImport element.
EdmFunctionImport.Builder Mutable builder for EdmFunctionImport objects.
EdmFunctionParameter A CSDL Parameter element.
EdmFunctionParameter.Builder Mutable builder for EdmFunctionParameter objects.
EdmItem Constructs in the CSDL that we model in the org.odata4j.edm package share some common functionality: Documentation (see EdmDocumentation) Annotation (attributes and elements, see EdmAnnotation)
EdmItem.Builder<T,TBuilder> Mutable builder for EdmItem objects.
EdmNavigationProperty A CSDL NavigationProperty element.
EdmNavigationProperty.Builder Mutable builder for EdmNavigationProperty objects.
EdmNonSimpleType Non-primitive type in the EDM type system.
EdmProperty A CSDL Property element.
EdmProperty.Builder Mutable builder for EdmProperty objects.
EdmPropertyBase Shared base class for EdmProperty and EdmNavigationProperty
EdmPropertyBase.Builder<T,TBuilder> Mutable builder for EdmPropertyBase objects.
EdmSchema A CSDL Schema element.
EdmSchema.Builder Mutable builder for EdmSchema objects.
EdmSimpleType<V> Primitive types in the EDM type system.
EdmStructuralType In the Entity Data Model (EDM), structural types are EDM types that have members.
EdmStructuralType.Builder<T,TBuilder> Mutable builder for EdmStructuralType objects.
EdmType A type in the EDM type system.
EdmType.Builder<T,TBuilder> Mutable builder for EdmType objects.
EdmType.DeferredBuilder<T,TBuilder> Mutable builder for EdmType objects with deferred resolution.

Enum Summary
EdmFunctionParameter.Mode Parameter type: In, Out, or InOut
EdmMultiplicity The possible number of entity types at each end of the relationship.
EdmProperty.CollectionKind Kind of collection: List, Bag, or Collection

Package org.odata4j.edm Description

Implementation of the EDM (Entity Data Model) - used as metadata in the OData protocol.