Class EdmAssociationEnd

  extended by org.odata4j.edm.EdmItem
      extended by org.odata4j.edm.EdmAssociationEnd

public class EdmAssociationEnd
extends EdmItem

A CSDL End element (as a child of the Association element)

An End element (as a child of the Association element) identifies the entity type on one end of an association and the number of entity type instances that can exist at that end of an association. Association ends are defined as part of an association; an association must have exactly two association ends. Entity type instances at one end of an association can be accessed through navigation properties or foreign keys if they are exposed on an entity type.

See Also:
[msdn] End Element (CSDL)

Nested Class Summary
static class EdmAssociationEnd.Builder
          Mutable builder for EdmAssociationEnd objects.
Method Summary
 EdmMultiplicity getMultiplicity()
 String getRole()
 EdmEntityType getType()
static EdmAssociationEnd.Builder newBuilder()
 String toString()
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Method Detail


public EdmMultiplicity getMultiplicity()


public String getRole()


public EdmEntityType getType()


public static EdmAssociationEnd.Builder newBuilder()


public String toString()
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