Class EdmNavigationProperty

  extended by org.odata4j.edm.EdmItem
      extended by org.odata4j.edm.EdmPropertyBase
          extended by org.odata4j.edm.EdmNavigationProperty
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class EdmNavigationProperty
extends EdmPropertyBase

A CSDL NavigationProperty element.

A NavigationProperty element defines a navigation property, which provides a reference to the other end of an association. Unlike properties defined with the Property element, navigation properties do not define the shape and characteristics of data. They provide a way to navigate an association between two entity types.

Note that navigation properties are optional on both entity types at the ends of an association. If you define a navigation property on one entity type at the end of an association, you do not have to define a navigation property on the entity type at the other end of the association.

The data type returned by a navigation property is determined by the multiplicity of its remote association end. For example, suppose a navigation property, OrdersNavProp, exists on a Customer entity type and navigates a one-to-many association between Customer and Order. Because the remote association end for the navigation property has multiplicity many (*), its data type is a collection (of Order). Similarly, if a navigation property, CustomerNavProp, exists on the Order entity type, its data type would be Customer since the multiplicity of the remote end is one (1).

See Also:
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Nested Class Summary
static class EdmNavigationProperty.Builder
          Mutable builder for EdmNavigationProperty objects.
Method Summary
 EdmAssociationEnd getFromRole()
 EdmAssociation getRelationship()
 EdmAssociationEnd getToRole()
static EdmNavigationProperty.Builder newBuilder(String name)
 String toString()
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Method Detail


public EdmAssociationEnd getFromRole()


public EdmAssociation getRelationship()


public EdmAssociationEnd getToRole()


public static EdmNavigationProperty.Builder newBuilder(String name)


public String toString()
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