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org.odata4j.core Core odata4j concepts. 

Uses of Titled in org.odata4j.core

Subinterfaces of Titled in org.odata4j.core
 interface AtomInfo
          Additional Atom information.
 interface EntitySetInfo
          Entity-set title and href.
 interface OLink
          An OLink represents a reference to one or more OData entities.
 interface ORelatedEntitiesLink
          An ORelatedEntitiesLink represents a relationship to multiple OData entities.
 interface ORelatedEntitiesLinkInline
          An ORelatedEntitiesLinkInline is an ORelatedEntitiesLink that also includes the referents inline.
 interface ORelatedEntityLink
          An ORelatedEntityLink represents a relationship to a single OData entity.
 interface ORelatedEntityLinkInline
          An ORelatedEntityLinkInline is an ORelatedEntityLink that also includes the referent inlined.

Methods in org.odata4j.core with type parameters of type Titled
<T extends Titled>
OFuncs.title(Class<T> titledType)

Uses of Titled in org.odata4j.format.xml

Classes in org.odata4j.format.xml that implement Titled
 class AtomCollectionInfo