Interface ORelatedEntitiesLinkInline

All Superinterfaces:
OLink, ORelatedEntitiesLink, Titled

public interface ORelatedEntitiesLinkInline
extends ORelatedEntitiesLink

An ORelatedEntitiesLinkInline is an ORelatedEntitiesLink that also includes the referents inline.

The OLinks static factory class can be used to create ORelatedEntitiesLink instances.

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Method Summary
 List<OEntity> getRelatedEntities()
          Gets the inlined referents.
Methods inherited from interface org.odata4j.core.OLink
getHref, getRelatedEntity, getRelation, getTitle, isCollection, isInline

Method Detail


List<OEntity> getRelatedEntities()
Gets the inlined referents.

Specified by:
getRelatedEntities in interface OLink