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Packages that use NamespacedAnnotation
org.odata4j.core Core odata4j concepts. 
org.odata4j.edm Implementation of the EDM (Entity Data Model) - used as metadata in the OData protocol. 

Uses of NamespacedAnnotation in org.odata4j.core

Classes in org.odata4j.core that implement NamespacedAnnotation
 class GenericAnnotation<T>
          Generic implementation of NamespacedAnnotation.

Uses of NamespacedAnnotation in org.odata4j.edm

Classes in org.odata4j.edm that implement NamespacedAnnotation
 class EdmAnnotation<T>
          Base annotation in the edm type system.
 class EdmAnnotationAttribute
          A CSDL Annotation attribute.
 class EdmAnnotationElement<T>
          A CSDL Annotation element.

Methods in org.odata4j.edm that return NamespacedAnnotation
 NamespacedAnnotation<?> EdmItem.findAnnotation(String namespaceUri, String localName)

Methods in org.odata4j.edm that return types with arguments of type NamespacedAnnotation
 Iterable<? extends NamespacedAnnotation<?>> EdmItem.getAnnotations()

Methods in org.odata4j.edm with parameters of type NamespacedAnnotation
 Object EdmDecorator.getAnnotationValueOverride(EdmItem item, NamespacedAnnotation<?> annot, boolean flatten, Locale locale, Map<String,String> options)
          Gets an annotation value that overrides the original annotation value.