Uses of Interface

Packages that use ORelatedEntityLink
org.odata4j.consumer The odata4j client-side (consumer-side) API. 
org.odata4j.core Core odata4j concepts. 

Uses of ORelatedEntityLink in org.odata4j.consumer

Methods in org.odata4j.consumer with parameters of type ORelatedEntityLink
 OEntityGetRequest<OEntity> ODataConsumer.getEntity(ORelatedEntityLink link)
          Gets the entity referred to by the given related entity link.
 OEntityGetRequest<OEntity> AbstractODataConsumer.getEntity(ORelatedEntityLink link)

Uses of ORelatedEntityLink in org.odata4j.core

Subinterfaces of ORelatedEntityLink in org.odata4j.core
 interface ORelatedEntityLinkInline
          An ORelatedEntityLinkInline is an ORelatedEntityLink that also includes the referent inlined.

Methods in org.odata4j.core that return ORelatedEntityLink
static ORelatedEntityLink OLinks.relatedEntity(String relation, String title, String href)
          Creates a new OLink of sub-type ORelatedEntityLink.