Uses of Interface

Packages that use OExtensible
org.odata4j.core Core odata4j concepts. 
org.odata4j.producer The odata4j server-side (producer-side) API. 

Uses of OExtensible in org.odata4j.core

Subinterfaces of OExtensible in org.odata4j.core
 interface OEntity
          An immutable OData entity instance, consisting of an identity (an entity-set and a unique entity-key within that set), properties (typed, named values), and links (references to other entities).

Uses of OExtensible in org.odata4j.producer

Subinterfaces of OExtensible in org.odata4j.producer
 interface ODataProducer
          Implement ODataProducer on the server-side to create a new java-based OData producer.

Classes in org.odata4j.producer that implement OExtensible
 class ODataProducerDelegate
          Abstract base Delegate for ODataProducer.

Uses of OExtensible in org.odata4j.producer.command

Classes in org.odata4j.producer.command that implement OExtensible
 class CommandProducer

Uses of OExtensible in org.odata4j.producer.edm

Classes in org.odata4j.producer.edm that implement OExtensible
 class MetadataProducer
          A producer for $metadata.

Uses of OExtensible in org.odata4j.producer.inmemory

Classes in org.odata4j.producer.inmemory that implement OExtensible
 class InMemoryProducer
          An in-memory implementation of an ODATA Producer.

Uses of OExtensible in org.odata4j.producer.jdbc

Classes in org.odata4j.producer.jdbc that implement OExtensible
 class JdbcProducer

Uses of OExtensible in org.odata4j.producer.jpa

Classes in org.odata4j.producer.jpa that implement OExtensible
 class JPAProducer