Uses of Interface

Packages that use OCountRequest
org.odata4j.consumer The odata4j client-side (consumer-side) API. 
org.odata4j.core Core odata4j concepts. 

Uses of OCountRequest in org.odata4j.consumer

Classes in org.odata4j.consumer that implement OCountRequest
 class ConsumerCountRequest
          Count-request implementation.

Methods in org.odata4j.consumer that return OCountRequest
 OCountRequest ODataConsumer.getEntitiesCount(String entitySetName)
          Returns a single value request which can be extended by query options.
 OCountRequest AbstractODataConsumer.getEntitiesCount(String entitySetName)

Uses of OCountRequest in org.odata4j.core

Methods in org.odata4j.core that return OCountRequest
 OCountRequest OCountRequest.entitySetName(String entitySetName)
          Sets the name of the entity-set to count.
 OCountRequest top)
          Sets a maximum limit on the result returned.