Class MetadataEdmGenerator

  extended by org.odata4j.producer.edm.MetadataEdmGenerator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MetadataEdmGenerator
extends Object
implements EdmGenerator

Creates an EdmDataServices instance that models the EDM in terms of the EDM, call it a meta-EDM.

This model then serves as the basis for queryable metadata. This generator can be parameterized with an optional EdmDecorator. The decorator implements aspects of the meta EDM that are application specific such as Documentation and Annotations.

The current implementation is not 100% complete.

EntityTypes implemented include: Schema, Property, ComplexType and EntityType (note that NavigationProperty is *no* implemented yet)

EntitySets implemented include: Schemas, Properties, EntityTypes, RootEntityTypes, ComplexTypes and RootComplexTypes

Documentation elements are supported

AnnotationAttributes are supported

AnnotationElements are partially supported (JSON only)

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 EdmDataServices.Builder generateEdm(EdmDecorator decorator)
          Generates the meta EDM data services
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Constructor Detail


public MetadataEdmGenerator()
Method Detail


public EdmDataServices.Builder generateEdm(EdmDecorator decorator)
Generates the meta EDM data services

Specified by:
generateEdm in interface EdmGenerator