Class Edm

  extended by org.odata4j.producer.edm.Edm

public class Edm
extends Object

A bunch of constants for defining the meta EDM. This form is nice for ide code completion... including the short class name 'Edm' :)...

Nested Class Summary
static class Edm.ComplexType
static class Edm.Documentation
static class Edm.EntityKey
static class Edm.EntitySets
static class Edm.EntityType
static class Edm.Item
static class Edm.Property
static class Edm.PropertyRef
static class Edm.Schema
          Note: Schema is *almost* an Item...It doesn't have a Name though..and you can't attach a Documentation to it...weird.
static class Edm.StructuralType
Field Summary
static String Collection
static String ContainerName
static String namespace
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
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Field Detail


public static final String Collection
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public static final String ContainerName
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public static final String namespace
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Constructor Detail


public Edm()