Class AtomServiceDocumentFormatWriter

  extended by org.odata4j.format.xml.XmlFormatWriter
      extended by org.odata4j.format.xml.AtomServiceDocumentFormatWriter
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AtomServiceDocumentFormatWriter
extends XmlFormatWriter
implements FormatWriter<EdmDataServices>

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.odata4j.format.xml.XmlFormatWriter
app, atom, atom_entry_content_type, atom_feed_content_type, d, edm, edmx, m, related, scheme
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String getContentType()
          Recover the MIME content type for the stream
 void write(UriInfo uriInfo, Writer w, EdmDataServices target)
          Write an object to the formatted version of the stream
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Constructor Detail


public AtomServiceDocumentFormatWriter()
Method Detail


public String getContentType()
Description copied from interface: FormatWriter
Recover the MIME content type for the stream

Specified by:
getContentType in interface FormatWriter<EdmDataServices>
the MIME content type to be used for the content of this stream


public void write(UriInfo uriInfo,
                  Writer w,
                  EdmDataServices target)
Description copied from interface: FormatWriter
Write an object to the formatted version of the stream

Specified by:
write in interface FormatWriter<EdmDataServices>
uriInfo - the base uri of the entity documents
w - the underlying "stream" to write to
target - the object to be written