Class JsonEntryFormatWriter

  extended by org.odata4j.format.json.JsonFormatWriter<EntityResponse>
      extended by org.odata4j.format.json.JsonEntryFormatWriter
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class JsonEntryFormatWriter
extends JsonFormatWriter<EntityResponse>

Constructor Summary
JsonEntryFormatWriter(String jsonpCallback)
Method Summary
protected  void writeContent(UriInfo uriInfo, JsonWriter jw, EntityResponse target)
          A strategy method to actually write content objects
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Constructor Detail


public JsonEntryFormatWriter(String jsonpCallback)
Method Detail


protected void writeContent(UriInfo uriInfo,
                            JsonWriter jw,
                            EntityResponse target)
Description copied from class: JsonFormatWriter
A strategy method to actually write content objects

Specified by:
writeContent in class JsonFormatWriter<EntityResponse>
uriInfo - the base URI that indicates where in the schema we are
jw - the JSON writer object
target - the content value to be written